2015/01/20 The announcement of the authorized person for the elimination of PJSC "BANK FORUM" of the Fund change

Following the decision of the Executive Directorate of the guaranteeing deposits of physical persons Fund (further - Fund) from 19.01.2015 No. 9 from 19.01.2015 head of the Department implement... more

13/01/2015 Attention to creditors of PJSC "BANK FORUM"

According to the Deposit Guarantee Fund Executive Management decision, the qualified person on the elimination of PJSC "BANK FORUM" (hereinafter - the Bank) has started the process of creditor... more

21/10/2014 Current information on making payments in UAH for repayment of foreign currency loans to PJSC "BANK FORUM"

Dear customers!

Please note that the individuals and physical persons-entrepreneurs who have debt on loans in foreign currency, may repay this debt in UAH:

• in a cashless form by transfer... more

30/09/2014 Regarding creditors notification about acceptance of their claims

Please be informed that pursuant to clause 5 of article 49 of the Law of Ukraine "On the system of guaranteeing deposits of individuals", it is determined that the authorized person of the Fund fo... more

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